As you have already known, Clash Royale PC (or Bluestacks) was built based on Android. So, If you want to load your game progress from iOS devices to Andy, meaning you need to connect your account to your Android account (or Google account)…

How to connect game progress from iOS too Clash Royale PC

Please note that the screenshot the screenshots we use in this article were captured on the iOS device.

Step 1: On your iOS device (let’s call it the first device), make sure you are using the correct Game Center ID (Apple ID). If your current Game Center account doesn’t match with your current Clash Royale game progress, you can’t link it to Clash Royale PC.
Also, make sure your internet connection is stable so everything will not get corrupted during the linking progress.

Step 2: Open Clash Royale. On the game’s homescreen, tap on the small small Settings button (see the screenshot below).

clash royale link device

Step 3: At the Settings window, open the Link Device option then choose “This is the OLD DEVICE”.

Step 4: Choose “I want to link it to another device”.

Step 5: Next, Clash Royale should give you a 12-character code at this step. This code should be entered on the second device (in this case, Andy), to load your game progress. This code lasts for only 2 minutes.

clash royale link device

Step 6: Open Clash Royale PC (Andy), go to the Settings menu -> Link Device -> This is the NEW DEVICE

Step 7: Enter the code you was given at the step 5. The game now will ask whether you want to load your game progress on the new device (Andy).


Why can I only link my account once?

I am so sorry If you face this problem. One Clash Royale account can be only linked once. So, make sure you have 2 accounts, 1 Google account to load your game on Android devices and 1 Apple ID to load your account Apple Devices.

It said I used the incorrect Game Center ID. What should I do?

The Clash Royale account you are using is not linked to the current Game Center account. Please log out and try to log in with the current one.