Clash Royale is an excellent creation of Supercell, who brought the most recommended and successful online mobile game such as clash of clans. This game has used several characters from the clash of clans, which is created a different experience in the Clash Royale. The main strategy of this game is destroying one or all the three towers at the end of a game play. The player who destroyed all the towers within minimal minutes is considered as a winner. However, this game is specially designed to be played during your leisure time and also well suited to access and play on any mobile platforms.

This Clash Royale game is completely free to play with the optional payments. This payment can help the players to reach the certain levels or specific types of cards as quickly as possible. Before you battle entirely chosen by you, there is a selected card setup that saved by you prior to battle. This will help you to save the time for you before starting your game. Once the game starts, you just begin with similar amount of elixir and summon cards into the battlefield. During this battle, it slowly increases up to the maximum level of ten. However, the management of counter cards and elixir is a major key to winning the battles and also lead to progress the top levels of a game.

Review for Clash Royale – The Best Mobile Game of 2017

Beginner’s tips of Clash Royale PC

Join a clan

First of all, you have to join up with a clan that would permit you some worthwhile bonuses to raise your level. Whenever you like, you can ask your fellow clan members for cards. Additionally, you can also spectating matches. This is an accessible and risk-free getting new strategies and also observing how various units react on this field.

Keep remembering your chests

Chests are the heart and soul of Clash Royale game, which consists of all precious gold, cards and rewards that you need. These come in a wide range of variants, which are better than the others. These chests are handled out many times per day, so you have to keep it very safely and keep an eye on this valuable freebie. You can make sure to open your chests on a daily basis and keep your fingers as well.

Attack and defended

In every match, you have to do your best to balance the attack. If you ensure that your towers are safe and sound enough in advance, you are more likely to emerge the victory. This could be easily achieved by just populating your army with the units that have several uses.

Find the right placement

You can make sure to stick your units perfectly at the bridges when you allow them to start attacking the towers of your enemy as fast as possible. You have to think about the placement while giving yourself time to recover mana. If you are on the offensive, you just try to place a tank with the larger regiment of the troops behind it. When you are moving forward, this will give an additional dose of defense and also give you a chance of dealing with lethal damage to the towers of enemy.

Upgrade what you use

When the opportunity increases, you have to upgrade each and every unit as much as you can. You can also try your best to prioritize the advertisements that perfectly suits your usual strategy. If there is no upgrading, you will not do anything.

Clash Royale Hints for PC Players

Whenever you wish to play this Clash Royale game, you just take a glance at the following hints given below:

  • Joining a clan is advised for not only chat with others but also donate the unwanted cards as well as receive cards from your clan-friends. It is a better way to get extra gold by increasing the chosen cards.
  • To win a game, you don’t need to destroy all the towers at a time. Try to destroy one by one and then defending. It is a good tactic that works well, if your deck is suited.
  • The spell cards are very useful, but you have to try and get them. You should be very patient and observe the opponent to win.
  • At the end of a match, the generation of elixir is doubled. This is a very good time to use the higher costing cards that are more likely to have an elixir, while they are deployed.
  • When the card is upgraded, the cost of elixir has never changed. You have to keep in mind when you decide to level the cards. You just try and focus on leveling the cards you use, but not just leveling everything.
  • Building cards are great option for defense, but you do not forget that they are also good for distracting the heavy hitter cards such as dark knight, Pekka or hog rider.

Clash Royale PC Review

Pros and cons

Whatever the game you play online; there are some advantages and limitations available. Before you start playing this game, you must know the pros and cons of Clash Royale that helps you to manage your game play in the effective manner.


  • This game is very fun for the first 10 minutes
  • Free hack cheat online generator tool available
  • Able to get resources without any limits
  • Totally safe to play for children! Take a look at our Clash Royale Parent’s Review for more details!


  • More number of cards
  • Very boring character design
  • Breaks when you receive a text
  • Gameplay is repetitive and not unique, but boring and does not sound Nigerian at all

Bottom line

Hope all these above tips and hints about the Clash Royale PC review are very useful for you. Let you feel free to know the strategies and start playing the Clash Royale game to have great fun. If you use mobile device, you just download and begin to enjoy playing this game in the comfort of your place. Therefore, Clash Royale is an excellent game that you need to be very careful before downloading it.