Because of these features, I strongly recommend you use Bluestacks to play Clash Royale Mac

  • It is totally free
  • It supports Mac perfectly. No crash, no lag.
  • You can stream the game directly on Bluestacks with Twitch and Facebook
  • Multi-tasking feature
  • Low system requirements.
  • It was built based on the latest Android version.
  • Perfect app sync to your Android mobile
  • Smooth mutl-touch support for your keyboard and mouse/mousepad.
  • It supports hardware acceleration.
  • Xbox/Playstation controllers support.
  • Keyboard Mapper support.

How to install Clash Royale Mac

The downloaded file should be named BlueStacks-Installer_version.dmg. Let’s open it and start installing the game!

Double click the file to get started! It normally takes a few seconds to verify the downloaded file, to make sure there isn’t any problem in the package. If you get this notification, simply press Open

open the downloaded file installer

The Bluestacks’s installer should look like this. Please click Continue then click Install. Don’t forget to enter your password If asked. The software should be installed in just a few minutes.

start intalling clash royale mac

After installing, Bluestacks will open up automatically! This is the Bluestacks homescreen. Now you should click on the orange search icon and search for Clash Royale!

bluestacks homescreen

Then press Search Play for Clash Royale!

Bluestacks will ask for your Google ID. This is required If you want to use any Google’s service and in this case it is Google Play.

Press Existing If you already have an account. If you don’t have any yet, press New.

Enter your account information then press Next.

add new google account

Keep doing Next until it brings you back to Google Play app. You should see this now:

Tap on Clash Royale then press Install:

download clash royale

Wait a few minutes for the game to be downloaded. After that, press open to start playing Clash Royale on your Mac!

Normally the game should automatically load your account because you have entered your account information at the very beginning.

But somehow it doesn’t. open the Settings menu in game then press the red Google button, download any required application then enter your account information. Normally it requires you to install Google Play Games:

Clash Royale Mac

Everything should be okay now! Enjoy guys :D.

Clash Royale Mac FAQs – Troubleshootings

I have been playing Clash Royale on my Mac for months and I have noticed a few common problems. I will list them all here so you guys can find the best ways to fix them!

Also, don’t hesitate to comment If you face any other problem, or If you have any better troubleshooting/solution! This section will be updated weekly.

I want to play Clash Royale on Mac. What is the minimum system requirements?

At the moment, most Mac devices can use Bluestacks to play Clash Royale. You don’t need to worry about this too much. Of course, make sure your Mac version is later than 2008 and you have at least 10GB of free space.

I can’t load Google Play thus I can’t find/download Clash Royale. What should I do now?

Try to load Google Play website in your desktop browser. If you still can’t load it, which means your ISP has blocked you from connecting to Google Services. This is very common in some countries, China for example. No worries because you don’t have to download Clash Royale via Google Play. You can download the apk file of the game to install from somewhere else!

My game sound is not working. Please help!

You should check whether you have muted Bluestacks first by looking at the right sidebar. If it still doesn’t work, please reinstall Bluestacks. This should fix this common problem!ar. If you didn’t do that, simply reinstall the software. This usually fixes the problem right away.

Error RH-01 always shows up in my Google Play. What should i do?


  1. Open Google Play, wait 10 secs then press the Home button.
  2. So to Settings ~> Applications -> Google Play Store -> Open it -> Clear Cache -> Force Stop.
  3. Back to the Applications menu -> Google Service Framework -> Clear Data -> Force Stop.
  4. Everything should work well now!

Clash Royale for Mac Game Review

Many men and women of every age group nowadays seek something special to enhance every aspect of their leisure time without compromising their desires on the amusement in any aspect. They can prefer and play the most entertaining game Clash Royale hereafter. They will be happy to engage in recreation with this freemium mobile strategy video game and encouraged to explore this game world in the multiplayer mode. Supercell has designed and published this game with an aim to make its players satisfied at all times. Some of the most important elements of this game are multiplayer online battle arena, collectible card games, attention-grabbing graphics, tower defense and other remarkable facilities. The best in class features of this game increase the overall interests of every player to play all through the leisure and have the utmost fun.

Every player of the Clash Royale on Mac in our time is ranked based on the arena, trophies and level. There are 11 arenas and 13 levels in this multiplayer game. Every arena of this game has a certain trophy limit. If players properly level up their cards and donate cards on time, then they can increase their level without delay and difficulty. They will be satisfied with the most excellent support and encouraged to successfully take advantage of all opportunities when they gain knowledge of the game play along with successful strategies to play this game. Some beginners to the battle environment in this freemium mobile strategy video game nowadays get confused with how they win a battle and get rid of possibilities of their king’s tower gets damaged and ruined by their opponent. They can strengthen their resources and make sure about how they attack the resources of their opponent in a proper way.

As a player of Clash Royale, you have some ideas and ever-increasing expectations on the best in class amusement. You have to enhance your efforts and increase the total number of resources in the game account on a regular basis. This is because you have to use your game play skills and resources in the most efficient manner for attacking your opponents’ resources and increasing the overall possibilities to win a battle. You will get an automatic three crown victory soon after you have destroyed the king’s tower of your opponent. You have to be conscious on how you maximize all your efforts and destroy more resources of your opponent than your resources destroyed by your opponent during the battle.

You and your opponent get a hand of four cards in the beginning of the Clash Royale game from a deck of eight cards. All players of this game use cards on hand to attack their opponent and protect themselves from attacks of their opponent. If they have enough elixir on hand, then they can successfully use cards on hand and improve all their efforts to achieve the goal. They have to understand and remember the time duration of the elixir. Every elixir is replenished automatically every 2.8 seconds. Once a player has placed a card, he or she can take a new card from the deck and continue to play the game without any delay and difficulty.

Many players of this game in our time gain knowledge of how they select eight distinctive cards among a few dozens of cards to build an appropriate deck. They have to focus on the most recent Clash Royale deck strategies and guidelines online in detail. They will get an overview about how to build a deck and use every card in a deck as efficient as possible. New players of card games have different ideas about how they enhance their game play and excel in the overall game environment. They have to understand the importance efficiently using every set of cards on hand and receiving resources like gold, gems and elixir from online hack tools with 100% undetectable nature.

Every beginner to the Clash Royale for Mac can learn and play this game without any complexity. This is because this exclusive game has a wide range of simple yet the most amusing things as expected by almost every player on a regular basis. Experts in the Clash Royale these days make sure about how they can efficiently manage the deck, current cards, elixir and other elements of this game all through their game play. They listen to various elements of the current situation and analyze an array of factors before they make a decision about how to proceed further. Even though they come across different categories of threats all through this game, they overcome all such unfavourable things by their decision making skills and overall proficiency in the game play.

In the beginning of the Clash Royale on Macbook, players slowly gain elixir and use this resource to play their cards in the professional manner. They enhance all their efforts to destroy the king tower of their opponent with a couple of minutes at the start of this game. This is mainly because they can win when they do it. Once they have failed to destroy the main king tower of their opponent, their elixir generation is doubled and the game advances to one more minute. They have to be ready to place cards and take cards from the deck. They can win the game at the end of three cumulative minutes when they destroy more towers than towers destroyed by their opponent. They may get another minute of sudden death when things are tied. The game ends in tie again when they and their opponent have failed to manage the sudden death.

Players of the Clash Royale Mac get crowns for all towers they destroy throughout the game play. They can easily unlock the crown chest when they successfully collect ten crowns in a day. They will get more than estimated gold and cards used to explore this extraordinary game world further. They do not have to pay anything when they like to get resources directly instead of hours of efforts in the complex environment. This is because online cheats and hack tools.