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If you are looking for the Clash Royale Download only, just scroll down to the bottom and you can find the download link there. I am going to write a small review of this game so players who haven’t played this game yet can have a comprehensive view about this awesome video game!

My Clash Royale Honest Review

These mega releases like a little bit as formality as being attracted by the mobile gaming scene in few months ago, might be followed available guides and have played the soft launched version of Clash Royale free download, or no more reasons to see what all the fuss is about. The game official launched worldwide in this early morning within the biggest Apple features seeing in App store history and when combining Supercell’s penchant for giant advertising strategies. It maybe cannot keep long until blasting all available airwaves with celebrity-packed Clash Royale mass media commercials as TV commercial. Some good news about this game is it creates a phenomenal and likes Clash of Clans, surely it make a huge number of copycats and greatly inspired spinoffs. That not mean it is worst thing because it is a combination of genres and gameplay mechanics in Clash Royale works extremely well for a mobile game.

clash royale download

In the specific with benefits, let’s describe how the first time you have heard about Clash Royale. With the easiest way, you can describe this game as a collection of card games where the cards show real-time strategy game units which are dropped on MOBA-ish multi-lane battlefields with two tower and a base, you need protect your own while you attack your competitors. It is really a complicating word but the magic of Clash Royale is showed in a way which don’t need to know all about card games, RTS games, MOBAs, or the emergent strategies in any genres because this game is designed which make everything have been simplified and streamlined masterful extent. Sounds great? Do you want to scroll down and get the Clash Royale download link? Wait a minute, let me show you some other stunning features of this game!

Moreover, in the Hearthstone, players are faced to hundreds of amassing card collections, passed multiple class and then used in a thirty-card deck. You are still talking more of a learning wall and less of a learning curve, even as great as the Hearthstone tutorial and onboarding process is if you have never played a game like that before. Managing a thirty-card is significantly easier than Magic sixty, but it can be known about what you are doing or be supremely analytical player in order that you can make the first or the final whether you run a particular card to do much better/ worse or you run two of the same card. Because it only needs to create a competitive deck for most players so players only have to copy what others are playing on their decks and don’t need to learn how to build a deck by themselves.

clash royale screenshotIn addition, players select eight unique cards to build a deck while Clash Royale features a few dozen cards. At first, it is very basic if you are a veteran of other game cards but when letting it settle, it will be great with the work of only eight unique card and you can know which cards are or are not working in your deck. Moreover, there are the dozens combined with cleverly tiered unlocking for available cards in a measured card pool, it is quick for you to learn everything in the game does without the encyclopedic knowledge which requires to know every single card in a typical CCG.

In this game, the RTS and MOBA elements have also been very simplified and in both genres, you cannot only utilize units in an intelligent way to get success, but you have to control them quickly and accurately. In the world of popular RTS games like Star Craft, the top-tier are issuing hundreds of commands per minute for their army. In the same way, the split-second decision make you see in top-tier MOBA play is unbelievable. To make Clash Royale easy to play, it simplifies and slows all of that down while still letting your decision matter as much as the ones you might make in a RTS or MOBA.

These are all performance through dragging cards from your hand which constantly summon the units of card on to the battlefield. The position where you summon these card’s units is very significant as instead of managing a micro army, all things use a basic-Al which likes an attacking base in Clash of Clans. Every single unit also has a little bit different behavior and some units can prioritize targeting structures while others assail the closest thing to them. The casting cost of cards relates to them, they use resources of Elixir which you can realize from Clash of Clans. It has the same with most card games, the cost of card is usually up to power level but the behind scenes of game is a rock-paper-scissors-like system where the expensive cards seem to be powerful and they totally can be countered by cheaper cared with right way playing and at the right time.

For example, all new players will come across the first epic card – The Prince with five elixir to play for the cost and after a short-period of time it will charge to the closet unit or structure quickly and face to a huge attack. In the first time when playing this card, it cannot avoid feeling it’s overpowered. Nevertheless after experimenting, Tombstone is not only rare instead of epic, but also it takes three elixir instead of five and it can shut down the Prince totally. These cards need smart managing and answers for threats as the Prince is there. It is just one example, whole game is fulfilled by strong cards but it can be countered easily. Although the card pool and deck size are quietly small but the depth of strategy is very great.

This is a typical game which relate the first choosing for eight cards which hopefully associate to each other well in some kinds of strategy, these strategy with answer for different threats which you might come across. According to that you can find out a competitor and you can co-ordinate with someone who has a similar trophy level as you. From there, you dump out your cards and manage them to knock down one or more crown towers while protecting yours and damage the King tower of your competitor. This games takes no more than four minutes in hard limitation and it is really smart wrinkle in the game.

Let me talk a bit more about this before you hit the Clash Royale download link below xD. In the first two minutes of a Clash Royale, you need to gain elixir slowly and use it to play the card, if you can manage to damage the King tower of competitor in two minutes, you win. And if not, elixir generation will be double through adding one more minutes, and all thing will start when you and competitor just rapid-fire throw card to each other. In the last three cumulative minutes, any player who destroyed more tower wins the game. If everything is tied, it gives you another minute for sudden death where the first player in to damage any tower wins. After the sudden death, if no one manages to do that, the game will finish in a tie. If you can collect crowns of each tower, you can damage all the tower of competitors and if you can collect ten crowns in a day, Crown Chest will be unlocked which usually has a hefty amount of gold and cads. “Chest? Gold?”

Clash Royale Deck
Some Cards in Clash Royale! From Left to Right at the first line: Giant, Hog Rider, Fireball and Archers

Maybe now you are thinking: “Alright, its sound might be rad but what is the rub?” It is free to play this game and it is natural when being skeptical of pat walls and other freemium shenanigans. There are gist-cards rewarding through opening chest, you will take one free chest and two slots for these free chests in a four-hour, therefore you can maximize freebies and check on the game at least one for an eight-hour. After the tutorial is completed, the winning battles awards chests for different levels of rarity (rare chests including more cards and gold) and you ca keep four of these prize chests in maximum. The Silver chests, the most common prize chest to pass, take a three-hour to open with the Super Magical Chest – the best chest in the game, taking an entire day to unlock. There is only one chest unlock timer can be rolling at a time therefore you have a Golden Chest in storage, you will want to hang on to unlock overnight as in an eight-hour timer which you can count down even when you sleep. Moreover, if you own four chests in your storage, you cannot get more by winning the games until unlocking one and open up that storage slot.

Normally, it can be paid money for passing any these timers and Clash Royale also shares a similar premium currency to Clash of Clans in which they are using Gems. As any free for playing game with timer, with amount of time remaining, the amount of premium currency takes to skip a timer scales up significantly. Like all games, the premium currency is doled out regularly although it takes a small time to accumulate any substantial number. In addition, you can buy gold and chests from game store by germ, with this way chest can be opened immediately and not affected by you potentially having four chests in your storage already.

Clash Royale Home Screen

These are complicating things that the persistent leveling-up system existing both for player as well as individual cards which lead you to collect as many cards as possible. For examples, you get a new card forma chest and you can play immediately in any deck, but you get duplicates of the same card in the next chest, you combine two cards and five gold to go up one level for this card. When a card gains one level, the health and the damage which it got are both increased by ten percent. It is important for cards when the curve gains levels, in level two it will take two cards and five gold, and four cards, twenty gold in level three and so on. The card award experience is upgraded into “King level” and your total experience level making tower in game more powerful and get more hit points. Purchasing gold is the best way for you to gain gems in game, as gold is not only used to upgrade cards, but also purchase cards being might not from the daily rotating card shop in this game.

With an optional level of complication which comes from get into a clan, likes Clash of Clans this game owns attracting social element that make surprisingly as there are up to fifty players can combine together to give cards to each other, and it is really the best way to get experience and any cards you might be missing. To fluent the deal further, every popular card which you give will receive one experience point and five gold, for rare, it will be ten experience points and fifty gold. In typically, joining in a clan, purchasing rare and commons from your own card shop with gold is advantageous, because as in basic, you only receive gold back along with experience points when sharing cards with your clan members. The Clans increases rank as members of the clan gain trophies, these trophies serve as a persistent progression system as well as how battles are made.

If you played Clash of Clans, whole establish will be familiar to you, it works in CoC greatly therefore it doesn’t have much of surprising which Supercell brought in the same system, total your rank in the game will against competitor which is based on how many trophies you have. When you win the game you will gain trophies and lose the game does the opposite. At trophy threshold, you can improve totally new arenas which both are look different and unlock additional cards that the chests can potentially include. This is a great system for working matchmaking well, as also control content by basing on skill level. All new players only can access to a small card pool but you can gain access to more cards for playing and getting better that further complicates the game as well as you make decision when building the decks. While the game was soft launched and timers in game are an annoying mechanic, there is a ton of backlash surrounding the chest timers. One special of Clash Royale is that all things are free and there is not anything which prevent you from playing the game all day long if you want to. Looking at the game through lens is entirely disregarding that what you want is trophies even when you cannot get additional chest to unlock because of full storage and you still level up to different arenas in the process, make those chests which is being opened contain better stuff. In addition, Clash Royale download is really a skill-based game, and you only have to keep playing it to get better at skill-based stuff. Looking at the chest is more similar to how Hearthstone has daily quests. You can play some more ranks of the games just to keep rank up even when you already have complete Hearthstone quest for the day.

Clash Royale Screenshots

In experience when playing Clash Royale, I don’t really care about the cards which are coming out of my chest from playing the soft launch first went online. And I did everything I can in order to grind up to the next arena for unlocking the next tier of cards. There is not any limitation for me to play game from hitting that next unlock aside from skill and time which I have to play. In addition, when gaining trophies makes you difficult, this game gets more interesting as you are faced with matches, ending with crazy sudden death wins or loses which make lots of fun, and remember that you will not win all the time, 50% for win rate is pretty good. Generally, you cannot use your free to make everyone happy in order to monetization in this game. Actually, once you play Clash Royale and take in what chests are not the end-all-be-all of progression, you can start appreciating how generous it is.

If you want to watch how top-tier play, this game has available rotating collection of replays called “Clash TV”, it is as a great carrot on a stick as you can see all card in using that you don’t have, and it also have utilizing strategies players use that you cannot know how to do with your card. In Clash TV, you can see players spent ton of money on this game but you can get most of thing you want to see in battles, these things which you saw is super useful for a free player as you.

It is difficult to finding out complaints about Clash Royale download because it is really an exciting game which you can play all the time and don’t have to spend any cent for it. Additionally, there is a problem with card pool is potentially stagnating, but Supercell released some new cards, although it will be exciting seeing kinds of schedules they catch up with when it comes to new content. Considering kinds of game live or die by how much they are supported by developers and it will not make me surprising at all in order to see a constant drip feed of a new stuff funneling into Clash Royale slowly.

Download Clash Royale now and join the amazing tournament!

Everyone should try this game even if you hate the feeling of free game. Let monetization methods aside, you can see what a clever formula Supercell has stumbled onto here hybrid of card games, strategy games and MOBAs. Hard limitation of session time make it a phenomenal game to play when going r in portrait mode in one hand which only serves to make things easier. It became the top free app in less than a day and climbed up the top things about Clash Royale steadily (as chest timers or whatever else) just wait a while. It will not be long before many variations of Clash Royale on the App Store as there are Clash of Clans. Let’s take a look at the Clash Royale download link below and enjoy this outstanding video game with your friends!

Clash Royale Download Features:

  • Earn and open chests to unlock rewards (Cards, Gold, Gems,…)
  • Collect powerful cards, unlock new cards and upgrade the existing ones.
  • Destroy opponent’s Towers to get Crowns and Crown Chest.
  • Building your very own deck and strategy with a lot of cards in game (Troops, Spells and Defensive Buildings).
  • Get into higher Arena and earn bigger rewards!
  • Join a Clan, share cards, request cards and chat with other players.
  • Challenge your friends or Clan mates to a private battle.
  • Join the Tournament and win the prize up to thousands Dollars.

Clash Royale Download for Android, iOS and PC

  • Current game version: v1.2.3
  • Released date: 03/03/2016




Okay guys thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed my review and successfully downloaded Clash Royale. If you need any help, please comment and I will do my best to help you! Enjoy guys!

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